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5 Ways to Make Your Customer Service Better 

                          By Inbal Axelrod

Word of mouth recommendations determines a company's ability to grow and succeed. According to Groove, happy customers tell nine people about their experiences with a company. Therefore, companies should strive to continually deliver on their brand promise and maintain a high level of service.

#1. Be Responsive. Are your customers getting frustrated with your customer service, but you don't know why? Consider how long it takes your company's representatives to follow up after a customer has filed a compliant.

#2. Train Your Staff. Your employees will have to work with difficult customer situations and deal with challenging complaints. If untrained, issues such as these can turn into an bigger problem than necessary and could lead to bad customer experiences. Training sessions emphasize, enhance, and reinforce the skills your employees have.

#3. Be Innovative. The technological evolutions has brought countless innovative ways businesses can transform their customer interactions.

#4. Gain Feedback From Customers. Collecting customer feedback should be high on your priority list. Information gathered can be leverage to reshape your business for the better and improve all customer interactions you have to fit their needs more accurately.

#5. Make Your Brand Accessible. Make your brand accessible to customers. Let customers your brand personality by having a vibrant website, or by regularly posing tips and educational posts on social media. And sharing knowledgeable insights is a great way to build trust and brand transparency.

Reasons to choose a local courier

1) Flexibility: Local courier services often offer more flexible services to meet your needs. Packages do not have to go through a central system or to a shipping hub to be sorted before delivery, so local companies are able to accommodate last minute changes.

2) Customer Service: Rather than speaking to a machine or being directed to a frustrating switchboard when there’s a problem, for smaller courier company’s customer service is of utmost importance.

3) Speed: Standard mail carriers or larger services often have full delivery vans, meaning that your delivery is not their first priority. A local courier service can ensure that your parcels reaches its destination quickly, efficiently, and safely.